Biomechanics of Shoulderstand Pose

8 Dec


Nasikagra mudra (nose tip gazing) towards the torso


Mulabandha is extremely important to support and stabilize the pelvis connection with the legs and the lumbar spine and to provide an inner core for the outer abdominal muscles, obliques internal and external, transverse and rectus abdominals to wrap around to create stability for the inverted pelvis and legs. Uddiyana is essential to create support and stabilize the upper torso and create an inner core for the outer muscles of the upper torso to wrap around to create a strong foundation for the entire asana.

shoulder stand pose2


The back of the head, shoulders and elbows create a triangular foundation that is stable and able to support the weight and balance of this inverted asana. Pressing the hands into the upper back as high as possible creates a downward pressure into the spread elbows on the floor that supports and balances the weight of the inverted body above which can create a long lever if it is not vertical. Activating Uddiyanabandha and wrapping it in the contraction of the upper muscles of the torso creates a stable belt around the ribcage which is then able to support the leverage and load of the pelvis and legs above. Activating Mulabandha and wrapping it in the contraction of the abdominal muscles of the lower torso creates a strong belt that supports and stabilizes the pelvis to the torso and the legs which rise above the body. The legs are easily balanced above this strong stable torso and held together symmetrically inner ankles together with the quadriceps activated and the kneecaps pulled up. The toes are then pointed lengthening the front of the feet by contracting the Achilles tendon so that the feet become an extension of the shins.


Salamba Sarsvangasana reduces Vatta, cools and reduces Pitta and promotes Kapha


Focus upon Muadhara Chakra, the Earth element representing strength


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