Common Poses and Things to Note

3 Dec

bikram yoga


  1. Tadasana .– Kyphosis, lordosis, flaring of the ribs, head position
  2. Virabhadrasana II .– Knee position, Feet position, Back foot position, Arm position if straining, movement of the 3 parts of the spine, Ribs, Pelvis girdle,) shoulders above the hips, arm height
  3. Parivitta Trikonasana, – hips square, and leg length shorter if back problems, etc , 3 parts of the pose, use of blocks, and where they are in the pose, breath etc.
  4. Utkatasana .– feet position relative to person, arms prayer, sinking into the lower back ribs flaring.
  5. Dandasana .– Legs bent, helping to lengthen through the spine relax shoulders, crown of head touching softly along the spine, using blankets for anterior tilt finding neutral spine.
  6. Ardho Mukha Svanasana .– External rotation of the shoulders rolling out .– touch inside, or adjust hand position, hands too wide too close, pressing on hands to create even harmony and weight distribution throughout the base, head position .– relaxed, foot position, hip width apart and slightly bent knees, hips lifting, coming into childs pose if straining.
  7. Pachimottanasana .– teach with bent knees.
  8. Janu Sirasana .– straight leg bent slightly, use of bolster to hold onto rather than coming the entire way down and excessive rounding of the back telling student to come back to hands on floor.
  9. Virasana .– any knee pain sitting on a bolster, creating space between knees, and sitting on a blanket for ankles.
  10. Sukhasana .– if knees are really high, student is tight in the piraformis supporting knees, if knees are painful in bent creating space rotating thigh out.
  11. Shalabasana (locust) .– chin down, pushing through pelvis, initiating the movement of the spine to switch on bandhas.

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