Better Sex Through Yoga

2 Dec


Perfect sex is one of the most important mind-body experiences. So is important yoga. Yoga reduces stress, improves flexibility, increases blood flow, and opens the heart—all of which are necessary for a hot sex life. Yoga teaches accurate mindfulness—living only in the present moment. In a new Journal of Sexual Medicine study, researchers find that most women claim they have a difficulty staying focused, one cause why sex may be uninteresting or unresponsive for them.

We need to understand that the mindfulness you learn while practicing yoga can be implemented to other aspects of your life, so you can enjoy lovemaking entirely for what it is, and not think or worry about anything else. According to the experts, to practice an hour a day, sex will become a magical and alchemical act, which is fed by the two poles, generating the necessary fuel for the kundalini-creative energy that rises upward in the column- instead of down and lost through semen, the fruit of sadhana or practice energy.

Yoga, an ancient discipline, can assist Women cope with physical problems and guide them develop the perfect state of their body and mind. It can help reduce the pain that goes with Menstruation, control stress, and ensure a less complex delivery among other benefits. Yoga postures are also designed to tone and stretch the muscles of the body to eliminate excess fat, and transform it a more flexible one and make it strong enough to be healthy all the time. And thus help them have a better sex life.

Here are some benefits of yoga which are important for perfect sex.

  1. Improved Cardio Equals Extended Endurance
  2. Better Circulation and Improved Blood Flow.
  3. Mastering the Pose and Mastering the Position
  4. Control the Breath and You Control the Mind(s) 
  5. No More Cramping
  6. Improved Self-Confidence 
  7. Becoming Mindful

Sex and yoga have a lot in common. They’re both about discovering, opening and stretching into new places. Going deep inside your inner-self to find power and endurance you didn’t know you had. Softening and letting go to eliminate your civilized layers and come back to your true-self. You can use each to enhance the power of the other.


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