Weekly Yoga Glossary-40 important yoga words srarting with A

27 Nov
  1. Abhasa [pronunciation: aabhaas]: reflection of consciousness
  2. Abhijna [ubhij^na]: direct perception
  3. Abhimana [ubhimaan]: attachment
  4. Abhyasa [ubhyaas]: practice
  5. Abhyasi [ubhyaasi]: one who practices achala [uchul]: unmoving; hill or mountain achit [uchit]: not sentient
  6. Acharya [uchurya]: scholar, learned man; a term of respect
  7. Adhama [ ]: lowest grade
  8. Adhara [aadhaar]: support
  9. Adhishtana [udhishthaan]: substratum adhridha [udhr^dh]: weak; not firm Adhyaropa [udhyaarop]: superimposition adhyasika [udhyaasik]: superimposed
  10. Advaita [udvait]: non-duality; incorrectly termed monism; a system of thought and a vedantist sect founded by Shankara
  11. Advaitin [ ]: non-dualist
  12. Adya [aadyaa]: primordial; original
  13. Adyatmika sakti [aadyaatmik sh^akti]: power of the Self
  14. Agami (a. karma) [aagaami karm]: actions of the present life expected to bear fruit in future births
  15. Agni [ ]: fire
  16. Aham [uhum]: embodied self; soul; the ego; the sense of “I”
  17. Aham Brahmasmi [uhum bruhmaasmi]: I am Brahman
  18. Aham sphurana [uhum sphurun]: the throb of Self-bliss in the heart
  19. Aham svarupa [uhum svuroop]: one’s true nature
  20. Aham vritti [vr^tti]: the ‘I’-thought
  21. Ahankara [uhunkaar]: ‘I’ sense; ego-self; ‘the doer’
  22. Ahimsa [uhimsaa]: nonviolence
  23. Ajna [aaj^naa]: direction; injunction
  24. Ajnana [uj^naan]: ignorance; knowledge of diversity
  25. Ajnani [uj^naani]: one who has not realized the Self; unenlightened;
  26. ignorant of the Self
  27. Akara [aakaar]: form or shape
  28. Akasa (akasha) [aakaash^]: ether; space
  29. Akritopasaka [ukritopaasuk]: one who has not done upasana or meditation
  30. Alayavijnana [ ]: pure, self-existent consciousness
  31. Amrita [umrit]: immortal
  32. Amritanadi [umritunaadi]: the channel for the flow of consciousness from the Heart (Source) to the mind; the path by which it travels is termed archis
  33. Anadi [unaadi]: without beginning
  34. Ananda [aanund]: bliss; happiness; joy; transcendence attained primarily through the affections manifests more as bliss than as knowledge
  35. Anandatman [aanundutmun]: self in the state of bliss
  36. Ananta [ununt]: endless; infinite
  37. Anartha [unurtha]: evil; worthless
  38. Anatman [unaatmun]: non-Self
  39. Anava [aanuv]: limitation
  40. Anichcha [unichchh; conjunct ‘ch’ and ‘chh’, pronounced without any vowel between!]: involuntary

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