Yoga-The Art of Staying Young

25 Nov

Looking young and staying young are not the same. You will find a lot of beauty products that can make you look younger. But it’s not the permanent solution. Because if it worked, none of us would have wrinkles. We’d look young forever. All these beauty products, even so called anti-aging lotions have dangerous side effects. Many anti-ageing creams use carcinogenic chemicals such as DEA, TEA and MEA. Over exposure to these chemicals may cause cancer in the liver and kidneys. Long-term side effects of anti aging supplements and drugs include Facial bone growth, Joint pain, Irregular heartbeat, Diabetes, Prostate cancer in men. So the secret to youthful skin isn’t contained in one of these bottles or tubes that we stock in our medicine cabinets. Is there any solution? Fortunately the answer is YES!

Yoga, an ancient Indian discipline, is the most natural way of staying young. Want an easy way to keep your body in top shape as the decades roll by? Yoga might be your answer. Yogic forward bends, inverted poses and some other postures are known as youth elixirs. This is because they fight gravity, create an opposite flow of blood that services circulatory routes in our face and head and even the torso, that are neglected due to the drag of gravity. People age fast when the body is neglected through lack of movement. Even a very gentle restoring and rejuvenating practice will bring the body back to a more youthful place. So let’s practice some Yoga sequences which help us stay young. If the whole sequence is too much, work the poses into your routine wherever they might fit. Since most people cannot do inversions due to various reasons, including timidity, they can attempt the forward bends with greater confidence.

  • Equal standing

  • Tree pose

  • Squat

  • Downward dog

  • Plank

  • Seated twist

  • Standing forward bend

  • Wide-legged spread angle pose

  • Wide-legged spread angle pose, advanced version

All these poses help lose weight, control diabetes, prevents age-related bone shrinkage and keeps face young and wrinkle-free. Some of these poses tone the spine and increase stamina.  Forward bends help to create a sense of balance. Through practicing yoga the mental focus are sensitized and improved. Yoga is the only method that not only makes you look younger but also makes you balanced, flexible and fit. It helps you get the total alignment of mind, body and spirit.


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