Kundalini Yoga for Women

24 Nov

Our body is a delicate and complex system that must be in balance. Our system meets hormonal cycles and women must learn to listen to it. In ancient times, women were connected with the energy of the earth, listening to nature and herself, now in these times where the demands are exterior, she has lost the ability to connect with her intuition that gives her the power to being connected with the universe.

Kundalini yoga for women consists of a vast number of kriyas and meditations that help you re connect with that power within you, helps your body to be in harmony with its cycles, balance hormones and less emotional. It teaches healthy eating habits according to stages and needs of individual women, exercises that help fight specific discomfort and adjust our systems.

The class for women has the same structure as the other: a series of exercises and breathing in a specific order (kriya), focused on improving health and neutralize some common emotions like sadness and anxiety. Unlike other disciplines such as traditional fitness training Kundalini Yoga performed with devotion and awareness of your body, learning to listen to your needs, along with appropriate coordination with breathing exercise. It gives you more energy, strengthens, revitalizes. It gives massage the internal organs, relieves the endocrine, blood, digestive, skeletal muscle, also improves sexual life and overall health.

The practice of meditation provides us make contact with ourselves, clearing the mind of all the stimuli to which we are subjected every day, is the space for dialogue with your inner self and the universe.

Nútrete from within, expand your consciousness, love yourself, boost your skills, grow as a human being in all your faces with other women sharing the great experience of Shakti!

The menopause is a time when women should be treated in a holistic sense, with a balanced diet, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, oilseeds, soy products, together with individual treatment and exercise as well as yoga and meditation. You can enjoy this stage contrary to the “social discourse” say about it. If you assume the blessings you have now as you did when you were younger, when you had children, etc.. You can enjoy the good things that come with menopause.

Kundalini Yoga helps in many aspects of your life. Through meditation you can balance your emotions, give your mind a constant state of balance and elevation. You can have a good connection between your mind, body and emotions. There are specific exercises to work glands, breast health (cancer prevention), circulation, lymphatic system (the charge to remove and remove toxins). Some postures and breathing exercises help you to reduce hot flashes, stop weight gain, avoid insomnia, stimulate the proper functioning of the glands, reduce or prevent depression and most importantly.


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