Yoga for Football Players-Some Effective Poses

23 Nov

Yoga is an effective way for football players to warm up. Hip opening yoga postures are most effective because the hips need to be stretched in order for players to move more speedily. It is also essential to stretch the legs and trunk of the body. Before entering the field, try one of these top hip opening yoga postures by including them into your warm-up session.

Revolved Triangle Pose ( Parivrtta Trikonasana)

Begin your five-step yoga warm-up with the revolved triangle pose because it prepares the body for twists and seated poses, especially those that include forward bends. It also stretches both the hips and spine and alleviates minor back pain. This asana is also a counter pose to the extended triangle pose, so you may consider performing this pose after the revolved triangle pose.

Lunge Twist

This pose will increase strength in the legs while stretching the quadriceps and increase the rotation in the back. Just watch a receiver and you will know how important it is to be able to twist and torque to catch a less than perfect pass. Great execution of this pose will also help you better you balance, which also can come in handy when landing from a leaping grab or having to have the presence of mind to land you feet inbounds.

Fire Log Pose ( Agnistambhasana)

After getting into the fire log pose, lean forward so that the hips are over the your legs if you are able to do so. In addition to stretching the hips, this pose provides an excellent stretch to the groins while relieving stress. Hold this posture for about five breaths before slowly coming out of the asana.

Cow Face Pose ( Gomukhasana)

With both football and rugby demanding rapid directional changes often at near-maximum pace, an inflexible physique is unhelpful. Rugby forwards must also possess the ability to deliver controlled power from the unbalanced body positions adopted in the scrum. A Yoga pose can greatly improve general mobility and enhance core strength while easing the stress placed on the neck and spine during intense scrummaging. Cow Face Pose is best for this.

Cool Down

Hero pose loosens your hips and relaxes your joints after a tiring practice. Kneel with your legs hip width apart, then sit back on the floor with your feet on either side of our hips. Make sure your feet point straight back. For the restorative version of this pose, lie back on a bolster.

Then, sit and practice ujjayi breathing, also known as “ocean breath” because of the sound it makes as air passes through your throat passage.


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