Not All Yoga are the Same

21 Nov

The type of yoga you choose is very important for you to connect with tradition and makes a big difference. Not all yoga practices are the same. The good news is that you can always move from one style to another until you find the one that best fits your personality, your needs, or a particular stage of your life.

There are times when you prefer a more mystical and devotional practice. On the other hand sometimes you might want to practice another one which focuses on physical postures. But remember, no one is Better or Superior than others. Everyone brings great benefits. Each of us has some sort of yoga preferred but is a very personal choice and depends on what you are looking for, but always remember that yoga has a component expansion: be open to different possibilities.

It may happen that you go to different places and try different types of yoga before you find “your” type of yoga, one with which you feel most comfortable and identified. Or you try any style for a period and then passes another, or to try two different at one time. That should not be a problem, since in principle, each type of has the same root and no conflicts between their different manifestations. Combining styles of yoga can bring more variety to your practice.

Like all spiritual paths Yoga shares the common purpose of spiritual fulfillment. However, there are a lot of differences among the Yogic disciplines. According to Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there are different elements of yoga. Some traditions focus on mental well being, while some others focus on physical fitness. But no one totally ignores even a single elements of Yoga. There is a growing variety of styles with different techniques, approaches, teachers and gurus you are honored, traditions and philosophical content. There are styles of yoga which are very slow, on the other hand, some styles are more dynamic and vigorous.

There are some traditions that repeat the same sequence of asanas, while some Yoga teacher design their own teaching methods. Some styles use heated room while some others use normal temperature. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and are motivated to learn.


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