How to Start Practicing Yoga

21 Nov

It’s easy: to start doing yoga you just need a silent place, comfortable clothes and half an hour free time. If you practice at home, you need a small place with no furniture at a comfortable temperature. Yoga is just a way to take a moment to delve into yourself, to balance yourself and look after your health. It is, in short, a break in the frenzy of everyday life so it is best to do so without pressure or worries. To give you some ideas, the class lasts 90 minutes on average and includes including postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and sometimes mantras and chants.

However, a few minutes a day, practicing a few asanas (postures) and one or two breathing exercises, always be beneficial. Some say it’s best to practice yoga in the mornings, but the most important thing is that it is in alignment with your daily life, so at night is also good and will help you get the day’s tensions.

If you’re not sure what to look for, and want to do some physical exercise and reduce stress, you can try some very simple Yoga poses specially designed for the beginners. You will find a lot of free Yoga tutorials in Youtube, thousands of blogs showing you basic techniques and some professionally written eBooks. to approach yoga for the first time through a short practice with the various postures as you teach or you can find the books and videos.

But if possible you should attend yoga classes in any Yoga studio which has experienced instructors and perfect environment. Practicing yoga in a group will help you not only learn more but also learn faster. There you get the guidance of a qualified instructor who will make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and realize its benefits.

Before you begin, choose a class for beginners and perhaps you’ll be more comfortable if you visit the site in advance to ask what to bring and if there is any special guidelines to follow in class. Usually students are asked to bring their own mat (long thin mat for yoga), which can be replaced with a blanket or towel, though some yoga studios provide Yoga mat and other accessories. It is best to choose comfortable clothes, light, allowing you to move freely. It is advisable not to wear jewelry or makeup.

In yoga it is essential that each posture is done consciously and not mechanically, paying attention to your body. Yoga is an exercise of self-observation.

Yoga is practiced in bare feet to stay close to the earth.

It is not appropriate to eat  before doing yoga. It is best to eat a light meal three or at least two hours before practice.


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