Yoga in the fall

20 Nov

At this time the air element predominates. According to Ayurvedic science, the fall has the characteristics of vata(lightness, dryness and cold), but it also have ideas, creativity, tendency to change and communication. However, the properties of air, can be simultaneously decentralized and internally unstable. The vata in our being can be exacerbated and become unbalanced by vata in the environment and we can feel unbalanced, with feelings of anxiety or lack of clarity or physical effects such as weakness and tendency to colds. If we learn to compensate for the instability and lack of heat and humidity for consistency, reliability, security, love and belonging, we can move forward with our goals, focus, guide the initiatives and build on the momentum of this coming season overflowing with creative energy. In addition to practices for the fall, the yogic tradition gives us ayurveda and  a series of recommendations for the fall, which help get tuned into the new season in our lifestyle holistically.

  • Sharpen your mind: As a first step connect with the positive qualities of autumn. If we let us inspire present and we will be full of ideas, projects and opening up the transformation. For this we need to clear our minds and learn to listen to our intuition, tune into our most authentic purposes, trust the path we choose and engage the power of our minds to help us accomplish them. Think nice and remember that the air is also the element of love , expansion and universality that opens us to the sacred.
  • Raise your spirit Spiritual practices give us a transcendent vision that expands our consciousness. They help us to clear our minds, listen to our inner voice and reaffirm the highest vibrations and thoughts. The mantra meditation or yoga mantra is a valuable tool of yoga to calm an agitated mind and frightened and return to the statements that bring us to the fullness and clarity.
  • Find regularity: Mental stability is important to establish routines. We recommend getting up at the same time every day. Set times to eat at set times and make a schedule to meet your daily tasks provided your spiritual purposes. If we leave it to the discretion of our minds, this may divert to the confusion, doubt and lack of method because it is more volatile and susceptible to disperse than usual.
  • Modify your diet: To counteract the dry autumn nature is important that you moisturize constantly. Prefers eating warm, cooked, with some healthy fats and calories, to balance the cold in our body and mental or emotional distress can bring light and changing the quality of the air. Eat whole grains, soups, and vegetables well cooked. Avoid fizzy drinks or foods that produce gas as a trend of vata prototype air is also accumulating bodily.
  • Secures your practice of yoga: Postures that help improve focus, give us inner peace and quiet our minds. Yoga asks us in the fall , on thed one hand, regular practice and determination to get balance. It also requires us to modify slightly our physical yoga session.
  • Practice pranayama and meditation: The physical and mental depth practice should be complemented with a meditation. Pranayama exercises such as breathing fire, are excellent and nadi shodhana helps us to get balanced and keep focus our thoughts. The combination of both is ideal for dynamic forces.

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