The Seventh Chakra

20 Nov

The seventh chakra leads us to the binding energy of the universe. It is represented by a lotus with a thousand petals, and its color is purple or white. When you reach this level of consciousness (also known as samadhi or enlightenment) life is seen, according to yoga: a spiritual experience. We realize the sacred dimension of the world and live fully our purpose on earth. When open and in harmony, the highest of our higher chakras leads to overcome fears, suffering, and get the fullness of integration. It is the state of divinity, which is integration with pure consciousness. 

The healthy functioning of the chakras will make us more in tune with our spiritual selves. A harmony among our psychological, emotional, physical and mental states can be achieved through the balanced operation of Sahasrara chakra. We need a balanced development even of the lower chakras, related to individuality and the material world. And Yoga yoga is the only method which honors and harmonizes all aspects of human life.

This chakra symbolizes detachment from illusion. This detachment is essential for the mental super-consciousness. This is a mental state where a human being comes to know the truth that God and the soul are not different. This equals the total union with God. This chakra is responsible for the care, divinity, emptiness, intelligence and understanding. If this chakra is imbalanced we face a lot of problems.

Fragrances stimulants:


Gemstones and crystals:

tourmaline white, white jade, white quartz

Physical problems:

accidents, brain problems, brain cancer, concentration problems, chronic diseases, low power, Parkinson and difficulties with the endocrine system.

Emotional problems:

manic depression, inability to decide, fear of death, feeling lost, frustration, ignorance, insanity, lack of inspiration, loss of happiness, bliss or enthusiasm, craving acceptance, be ‘encompassed

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