What is Hatha Yoga?

18 Nov

When talking about yoga in a generic sense, we are usually referring to a rather specific yogic tradition: the physical yoga. Within the broad spectrum of elements of this philosophy and science, the practice of postures , (also called asanas, which is its name in Sanskrit) sequences, breathing, cleaning and mudras, has a particular name: hatha yoga.

The origin of the word hatha is a good starting point to figure out what is really this style of yoga, which is much deeper, spiritual and powerful than you may believe. Really its scope and rationale of a simple overflow the exercise system. Hatha is said that roughly translated as strength or will. This, in a sense both in relation to the body as applied to life. Hatha yoga strengthens the body and the will because it is a discipline that requires commitment, but also strengthens the capacity of equanimity and listen to the wisdom of universal consciousness. It is a way to explore the potential of the body and mind.

But the hatha yoga has another meaning which must be mentioned to understand the true meaning of yoga: it means sun and tha meaning moon. Therefore, Hatha yoga is the yoga of opposites and balance. For this reason, but also brings strength lightness in the body and the mind; expansion combines with the recollection; energizes us while we appeased; balancing our masculine with feminine aspects, the exercise with the stillness, the action with the intuition , the physical bodies with subtle, our right brain with the left, the right side of the body with its opposite; resets the connection between mind and body, balancing the excesses and deficiencies in each chakra.

This style of yoga is a spiritual work that starts from the body, as the body for the yoga tradition is the vehicle through which we live and achieve spiritual evolution, but also a wonderful method medicial, a system for longevity, quality of life, health of body and mind, inner peace, self-confidence, and even expansion of the heart. His virtues are endless.

These practices are only one component of tradition and to have a real spiritual progress, it is important to make changes in all aspects of the life of one who aspires to become a yogi. Like all yoga techniques are a way to enlightenment or encounter with the universal consciousness. However, alone practiced without necessarily being part of a spiritual awakening , also generates internal changes and general welfare.


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