Benefits of Pilates

17 Nov

One of the main benefits of Pilates is it refreshes your body and rejuvenates your mental health. Pilates is a series of controlled movements that unite the body and mind and creates a direct connection to the muscles. It helps improve your body without punishing it. It is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscle without making it exhausted.

Pilates abdominal exercises require mental concentration begin with coordinated breathing in the core of the body (abdomen, back and buttocks) to establish a balanced strength and agility in your body. Joseph Pilates, a p legendary hysical trainer developed this system of exercise in the ’20s. Pilates routines can benefit men and women of any age no matter what physical condition you are in.

It was designed for people who recognize the importance of providing a strong support for the spine. Pilates movement focuses on the core body. It works the deep muscles in the body creating a strong center. Pilates has many precise movements than repetitions of a single exercise. It adds awareness and intensified body control because the mind engages the body during movement. Controlled breathing exercises support this movement.

One of the exciting aspects of Pilates is that almost anyone can do it. There is no bouncing, bumping or stress to your body and it can be done almost anywhere at any time. Some Pilate routines take less than 10 minutes and are ideal for people who say they do not have enough time to exercise.

Some of the basic principles of the philosophy of Pilates include concentration and control. The emphasis is on quality of movement and not the number of repetitions. Pilates movement also includes concentrating and breathing which focuses attention on breathing and core body to oxygenate the entire body and eliminate impurities.

Pilates teaches balance and control of body and mind, strengthens bone density while improving strength, flexibility and maintain muscle. With Pilates you can even train the mind to relax and control stress. You create the ability to maintain proper posture, increase joint range of motion, gain lean flat stomach, enhance circulation, have more strength and better coordination. The benefits of Pilates are not limited to physical benefits; it has a lot of psychological and emotional benefits also. Pilate routines help you achieve inner awareness and calm with a sense of mastering the mind and body.


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