Benefits of Meditation

16 Nov


Relieve stress, where stress, increases stress tolerance
Decrease the risk of heart attack
Makes peaceful and loving
Lowers blood pressure, reduction of vegetative arousal level
Increases the number of natural killer cells (natural killer cells) in the blood
Enhancement of the immune response


Reduction of cortisol and cholesterol
Improves the oxidative status
Breathing becomes slower and more evenly
Reduces oxygen consumption, reduces of the heart rate
Decrease of transpiration
Reduces stress in skeletal muscle

Increases activity of alpha cells in EEC
Increase of EEG synchronization between left and right brain
Quiet alertness, more efficiency and precision in the act
Increases clarity of thought and perception, increased concentration
Leads to more passion, makes possible meditative physical love (Tantra)
Greater creativity in work and leisure


Promotes the spiritual development / relief
Experience of effortlessness, flow and harmony, more spontaneity
Better contact with friends and relatives
Activation of mirror neurons and therefore more empathy
Transformation of suffering through compassion
Increases appreciation, gratitude and love

Makes relaxed weight regulation may
More antibodies after vaccination against influenza
Reduces the risk of developing mental disorders
Extraordinary states of consciousness, promotes unconscious material
Confrontation with their own emotions
Opens the receptive consciousness


Sometimes generates infinite joy
Restoration of balance and orientation
Isolation and alienation can be eliminated
Increases the capacity for self-modulation
Deeper experience of being and meaning
Deeper understanding of meaning and purpose of life


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