How does Yoga Help Improve Fertility?

15 Nov

There are two important things that create the most favorable conditions for- Psychological wellness and Physiological wellness. Most of the exercise methods focus on physical well being while mind-development methods like meditation, holosync or binaural beats based techniques only focus on mental well being. So is there any method that can help not only Psychologically but also Physically? Yes, there is. Yoga, an ancient Indian spiritual and ascetic discipline, is the only method that can help not only physiologically but also psychologically.

A variety of health issues including infertility can be caused by chronic stress. Yoga is the most scientific but natural way to fight stress. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, the top-tier reproductive hormone, can be affected by stress. Not only GnRH, stress affects Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone, another high-level hormone.

Continuous anxiety and chronic stress may have a considerable affect on fertility and may prevent some women from getting pregnant. Medical professional have been using meditation and other stress-reduction as effective treatments for depression and anxiety since 1970s. But unfortunately yoga, which can be more effective in fighting stress, has got much less importance in the medical literature. There is no specific evidence that yoga has better pregnancy rates in infertility patients. But yoga practitioners report that the coping techniques they learn help reduce stress on and off the mat. As a supplement to the traditional treatment treatment, you can choose to practice Yoga while in the process of recuperation.

Recent research reports show that women, who practice yoga regularly got enhanced blood circulation to the reproductive organs. Increased blood circulations help balance and normalize the functions of the reproductive organs. Yoga improves endocrine function (glandular and hormonal) and thus regulate the body’s hormone levels. Yoga practice aims for internal balance. Fundamentally this involves optimization of your endocrine system. The Endocrine system is favorably revitalized by the regular practice of Yoga Poses.

Yoga for fertility focuses on increasing blood flow and circulation to the low back (sacral plexus), hips, groins, and pelvis, which can help in improved gynecological function. Circulation can only be perfect if arteries, veins, and other blood vessels are unhindered and the heart is working well. There are a lot of yoga poses that can help in creating stronger heart muscles and increasing circulation. Yoga helps keep fresh blood to be transported throughout the body, consequently improving circulation and detoxifying the body. So why not try Yoga today?


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