Benefits of Organic Foods

15 Nov

The amount of nutrients is same in conventional and organic food. Even in vegetables, the nutritional value is same. In the flesh, it is proven that the organic are leaner because they have less intramuscular fat.

  1. The great benefit of organic foods is that they are:
  2. Absolutely free of chemical residues.
  3. No additives and preservatives (except natural)
  4. No pesticides or fertilizers
  5. Have less or no veterinary drug residues
  6. No hormones
  7. No heavy metals (found in soil and water)
  8. Contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins
  9. With its authentic aroma, color and flavor, allowing rediscover the true taste of food when not processed.
  10. Organic agriculture preserves seeds for the future
  11. Prevents the disappearance of some varieties of highly nutritious foods
  12. Organic agriculture respects the balance of nature contributing to the preservation of the ecosystem

Many conventional products are irradiated to kill germs and promote conservation. For example, meat, frozen, canned. And this radiation is highly harmful.”

The animal that grows naturally (fresh pastures, forages and grains should also be organic) has special features. Their meat has more vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, and less intramuscular fat producing less cholesterol.

In addition, organic meats do not suffer from biological contamination, such as the mad cow disease (BSE), foot and mouth disease, E. coli poisoning (famous industrial burgers) or salmonellosis (in eggs and poultry).

Toxicological studies show the link between pesticides and certain diseases, such as cancer, allergies and asthma.


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