An Introduction to Yogic Diet

14 Nov

The yogic diet is a vegetarian diet which includes vegetables, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. Strictly excludes all meats (beef, chicken, seafood, etc.) And egg.

The World Health Organization and other agencies, and numerous researchers, began sounding the alarm: the toxins that are ingested with food are alarming danger. Paradoxically, the main source of toxins is considered preserved or processed food. It has proved that meat is highly dangerous from the dietetic standpoint.

First, the meat fat causes the appearance of “prolactin” in the blood. It is a hormone that stimulates the production of tumors, as demonstrated by research and confirmed statistics. In countries with high consumption of meat (England, Australia, USA and Canada) shows an alarming number of breast tumors and intestines. Meanwhile, in countries with low meat consumption recorded a minimum percentage of such tumors. The lethal metabolic imbalance and the accumulation of cholesterol, uric acid and other harmful substances in the body are other results meat consumption. Obesity, which produces four times more deaths than cancer, is virtually unknown among vegetarians.

As if this were not enough, the meat is also high-level carrier food contamination. The reason is simple: there are a number of toxic substances resulting from environmental pollution (pesticides and heavy metals) that the body does not eliminate or can only partially remove.

In many fish there are traces of mercury and other heavy metals. The mercury is not removed. Everyone who eats is fixed in the body, so that every time the “big fish eats the small” all mercury switches to the second body of the first and stays there. Thus, the large predators that are at the end of a long string of fish that eat each other reach accumulate dangerous amounts actually (about 70 mg. Mercury is enough to kill a human being). That’s why United States has banned the sale of emperor or swordfish because of their high mercury content.

For these reasons, a growing number of people turn eyes toward plant foods:

1. Are inherently much more healthy and fit for human consumption

2. They occupy the first links in the food chain and are the least contaminated

3. They provide an infinitely better use of the resources of our planet threatened
4. Organic foods are good for health

Tips for healthy eating:

1) Include cereals, vegetables, vegetables, legumes, fruits, milk and dairy products, and honey in the diet

2) Avoid overly processed foods. Organic food is better to avoid adding harmful chemicals

3) Eat varied, simple, rich and fresh food

4) Eat slowly, savoring every bite

5) Do not overeat

6) Eat conscientiously


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