Yoga Poses for Better Sexual Pleasure

13 Nov

Yoga now not only works as a method to get fit, but also increases your sexual energy. But how?

There are three positions that arouse your excitement and take you to find the pleasure and enjoy on your next sex.

Position 1: The Frog

Start on all fours with your knees apart to the width of your hips, extend your knees out to the sides as much as possible. Turn your ankles and flexiónalos out a bit. Lean on your elbows and forearms on the floor, joins the palms of your hands. Your pelvis should be off the ground.

Exhale slowly, pressing against the floor lower your body until you feel a stretch in your hips and thighs.

Hold this position while breathing deeply 10 times.

Position 2: Fish

Lie face down with your legs sticking to each other and your toes pointed. Raise a little pelvic floor and place your hands under your butt.

Inhale as you raise your torso, pressing your elbows.

Exhale and lower your head to the floor slowly, always leaving your pelvis elevated.

Remember that pressure should be on your elbows and not the neck or head.

Hold this position for five deep breaths while doing. Enjoy and relax.

Position 3: The Eagle

Stand up and take a breath as you bring your arms up to your shoulders with your palms facing up. Cross your left arm on the right, so that the elbows are one above the other.

Now bend your elbows and forearms intertwined.

Cross your left leg in front of the right leg above the knee. Screw the left foot behind the right calf. Let the weight of your body rests on your right leg.

Hold this position while doing five slow deep breaths. Then switch sides.


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