Yoga and Longevity

13 Nov

Yoga teaches five basic secrets that human beings need to have a long life in good health:

Breathing correctly,

Sleeping properly

Positive thinking

Enough nutrition and

Proper relaxation

Correct breathing: Meaning a conscious breathing, slow and deep. There are hundreds of exercises in Pranayama techniques, from the simplest to the most complex, you can choose those that are less complicated and well suited to your capacity. In Yoga, breathing is always nasal (both inhalation and exhalation) and is attributed greater importance to exhalation, because it helps the elimination of toxins, stress, negative thoughts. Regular practice increases our ability to breathe through the opening of the ribs, and also makes air retention when the technique requires. Performing breathing exercises daily, also allows the purification of the blood, improves brain function, and more importantly, the recovers the energy we consume in our daily activity.

Sleep Quality: The hours we sleep are not directly related to the quality. We can sleep twelve hours waking startled again and again, with nightmares, and remain restless all the time, or we can sleep five hours, waking with the feeling really rested, refreshed and revitalized. Breathing exercises, among other things, can help you get a good quality sleep.

Positive thinking: Are we aware of what we think predominantly? Few people are. Most of the time, thoughts come to our minds and we cannot control them. Much of the time is spent worrying about things that may never happen. Yoga teaches us how to develop Positive Thinking as habit.

Good food: Yoga teaches us how to have a healthy diet. Yogic diet is the best diet one should have. We should not eat genetically modified foods, foods with chemicals, foods with preservatives. We should remember that nature is the best doctor. So we should focus on natural and organic foods.

Proper relaxation: If we sleep well, we eat properly, but we spent the day running from one place to another, nervous or agitated, the body will find a way to make us feel his displeasure. Yogic teachings say that when we feel that our energy has begun to decline, we should take a short relaxation period during the day. These breaks need not be prolonged and we can take even when signs of fatigue have not yet manifested, to conserve our energies intact throughout the day. Five to ten minutes would be enough to make your body relaxed and revitalized.


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