Yoga, an effective exercise method for kids

13 Nov

Everyday tasks and the hectic pace of city life also affect children. Childhood stress affects behavior and academic performance of children. Libya Villalobos, Yoga instructor from the Universal Great Brotherhood network, explains that the practice of this discipline helps kids improve their concentration, relax, learn to stay healthy, manage their emotions and achieve harmony between reality and expectation.

Villalobos, psychologist, is part of the team of three instructors who train the child in yoga classes in the three fitness centers, Gold’s Gym, in Montalban, the tower Bazar Avenida Bolivar and Francisco de Miranda CC Recreation.  Each one hour class consists of three parts. 30 minutes of exercise and stretching, 15 minutes of relaxation and another 15 minutes of mandalas.

As children are very imaginative, the latter activity helps them become more creative and optimist. This lesson plan, according to psychologist and yoga instructors, teaches children how to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally. Here is a list of kids yoga poses:

Tree Pose


Fish Pose


Upward-Facing Dog

Bow Pose

Camel Pose

Study on the benefits of yoga for kids is inadequate. Unofficial reports shows that yoga can calm kids, decrease obesity, improve concentration and help kids control some health conditions, such as headaches and back pain. Research results show that yoga may also help kids who have some mental and physical disorders. A lot of kids around the globe have been suffering from eating disorders and yoga may even help these kids with eating disorders. But we need more researches, however, to discover the positive health benefits of yoga for kids.

At the least, yoga can be an effective way for your kids to get more physical activity and thus improve his or her mental and physical health.


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