Some Important Things An Expert Yoga Instructor should Keep in Mind

11 Nov

Ahimsa – Having non judgement to yourself and others in the space of the room. Not forcing the body to move into an asana that your body is not ready to do (being kind and compassionate to yourself). Givign a talk using the yoga sutras and stating that ahimsa can apply in to meaning that we should not be violent in feelings, thoughts, words and our actions to ourselves and others on and off the mat. Doing a meditation to practise and be compassionate and patient to ourselves and others whilst being in our practice.

Satya – To be truthful in our thoughts, feelings and words. Asking ourselves in our practice to work at their own level and enjoy the journey of the pose in where they are today.

Apagraha – To have a lesson on teaching gratitude and be thankful that all we have in our lives. In believing to be content and happy and not wanting to be that or have another life. For students to envision that they are the only person in the class having a glass wall to block away and that its there yoga time. Not to compare what the student in front, behind or beside them is doing to focus inwards to themselves and connect. Even I tell the students to close their eyes and go within.

Saucha – reminding students when putting away mats spray and wipe them with sray bottle and cloth available, placing blankets and props away in order. To be mindful in not stepping on other students mats. In an article I read on yoga journal, In asana practise,” The mat represents the world – the way we treat our mat reflects the way we treat the world.”As we teach our students to handle their mats with care, we are helping them learn the essence of respect of all things” the body is like a temple, eat healthy and keep self clean and clothes.


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