Journey to Ecstasy-Yogi Says

11 Nov

A list of what I perceive as being a challenge that I might face on the journey of Samadhi is yama – truthfulness to overcome this challenge I will need to observe is it kind to speak and respond to choosing the right words. Is it necessary to say, sometimes its best to remain silent.

Asanas – if a pose is a challenge in my home practise I observe the picture and alignments and come to think how is this possible when I have tight hamstrings/tight hips. To overcome this I will at least once a week incorporate a new pose reading the alignments and cointradictions. I will read an asana and quote notes in aligning what I need to say about whre the pose works.

Pranyama to overcome this challenge I will read and study different techniques and practise them into meditation and be aware of my breath through practise in challenging poses and throughout the day ( I am ware of alternate nostril, the count breath and extending, and pausing in between).

Svadyyaya – or self study, observe my mind and things, actions that I do thrpugh each and everyday in the now. To practise an inner reflection on myself when is it that my body is feeling now ( through my yoga practise and my classes). I was told by my teacher at the studio that I need to listen more rather than speak more and jump into other people’s conversations.

I am practising this and teaching my kids that its respectful to wait till someone finishes talking and then we speak. This was  conditioned when I was a child, it grew into adulthood and I wasn’t aware until my teacher told me, I observed this and noticed how I would need to fit in words to speak to a family member, they would interrupt me when I was talking. I meditate on a daily basis at night just before bed and if I need to teach a class I meditate prior to the class, other times are at random. Dharana – practise gazing at a flame, flower during the day/ mantra if a thought comes up to keep with the practise and the breath.


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