Yoga and Nutrition

10 Nov

Regular practice of yoga makes you more aware of the influence that diet has on your body. Foods have a lot of impacts on your body. Choose those products that have a good effect on your body. If your diet is balanced, the body will remain slim, healthy and energetic.

Three Gunas

According to yogic philosophy there are three gunas. Everything, including food, in the universe contains these three properties.


Hot, bitter, sour, dry or salty flavors.

Under rajas food fall coffee, tea, chocolate, eggs, salt, fish, hot spices.

This guna can make you restless and tensed.  But can energize when you feel lethargic.


Acid, dry, old.

Under tamas food fall alcohol, onion, garlic, overripe fruit, reheated food, meat.

This power reinforces negative feelings with someone with a personality tamas, but can improve negative feelings with a person with  rajas personality.


Under sattva diet fall cereals, fruits, juices, vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, herbs, honey, water.

This diet brings body and mind in balance. Sattva diet ensures a healthy mind in a healthy body.

General guidelines yoga

Use as many fresh products that have not been preserved, processed or irradiated for long time.

Avoid products with preservatives and dyes.

Avoid using refined foods such as sugar, flour, canned food and such.

Everything in moderation

Eat slowly and chew enough.


The yoga diet is mostly lacto-vegetarian, which means that it consists of non-animal foods, except milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs and butter.


It is important to drink lots of water daily. Tea and coffee are not enough; you need an average of two liters of water per day (about 8 glasses).


  • Eat when you are calm and quiet
  • Fill the stomach to three quarters, not over eating or fasting
  • Eat food in its natural state
  • Eat little processed food
  • Avoid salt, sugar, preservatives, colorings and flavorings
  • Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as posible

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