An Introduction to Ayurveda

10 Nov

Ayurveda, which means as “knowledge of life,” dates back five thousand years to the prehistoric Sanskrit texts, the Vedas. It’s a method of healing that studys physical constitution, emotional nature, and spiritual position in the context of the universe. According to the philosophy, universal life force appears as three different energies, or doshas, known as vata, pitta, and kapha.

We’re all created of a matchless combination of these three forces. Though everyone has some of each, most people tend to have an abundance of one or two of the doshas. This unique mixture is determined at the time of conception, and is your own personal blueprint, or prakriti (nature).

As you go through life, the percentage of each of the three doshas constantly fluctuates according to your environment, your diet, the seasons, the climate, your age, and many other factors. As they move into and out of balance, the doshas can affect your health, energy level, and general mood.

Vatameans “that which blows.”  Vata is linked to the component of air and ether. It supplies the motion essential for our physical, mental, and emotional processes. Vata types are mentally speedy, aware, liberal, and innovative. When out of stability, vatas suffer over-amped and ungrounded, and may go through mental and physical agitation, insomnia, or angst. Vata energy can be very irregular, marked by spurts of hectic activity followed by tiredness. This dosha can get forced by dry, cold, and windy weather; over exciting environments; journey; lack of routine; and a lot of change.

If you are a Kapha type or have excess Kapha, should have a committed yoga practice that is invigorating, warming, refreshing, revitalizing and light. The correct yoga poses will assist you boost your metabolism, reduce your mucous in the regions of the chest, lungs and other areas. The yoga poses will also help you inspire and sharpen your mind which often results from a inactive lifestyle rather than an active one. Overall, yoga will boost your internal body heat, which is much needed for Kapha.

It is during summer that pitta dosha, naturally driven by solar force, is most leading.  It is consist of of the fire and water elements.  Pitta dosha is the expression of glowing energy, both within our bodies and in the universe.  It is this energy that stimulates all biochemical activities, including transformation, digestion, metabolism and assimilation.  Pitta controls the enzymatic and endocrine activity, regulates the body temperature and monitors pigmentation, vision, intelligence, vitality, ambition, courage and understanding.


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