Yoga for Sciatica

9 Nov

Sciatica is a condition where the pain is felt in the lower back and goes into the legs. This occurs when the sciatic nerves that run down both legs from the lower spine slipped by a herniated disc or be pushed. The nerves cause a sharp pain and tightness in the legs, uncomfortable walking or even standing.

The following exercises should be practiced with caution, starting with just one lap and then gradually increase. Ask your doctor if you have advanced sciatica or other health problems. Even for the full benefits of the poses, mentally focus on the physical movements, feeling every sensation. You will find that any pain in this area will disappear as you focus on each area.

Half locust ( Do Not Try this pose without the guidance of trained instructor)

Lie face down on the floor by his hands under your thighs, palms facing down, touching the ground. Relax in this position for a few seconds before you breathe slowly and simultaneously raise your right leg as far as it will go without problems and without bending the right knee. Hold this pose for a few seconds with the breath. Breathe slowly and lower right leg on the floor without bending the knee and hold your breath and exhale when you reach the starting position. Repeat this process with the left leg to finish round.

Bow Pose ( Do Not Try this pose without the guidance of trained instructor)

Lie face down and spread your legs wide, hands at your side. Relax in this position before you bend your legs and grasp the two ankle with both hands behind his back. Inhale deeply as you raise your legs, head and trunk, as far as they go without discomfort by gently pulling at the ankles. Hold this pose for a few seconds, then lower your body and legs slowly as you exhale. Relax for a few seconds when you reach the starting position, then repeat the pose. You should do this five times, if you are able, without complaints.

Thunderbolt Pose ( Do Not Try this pose without the guidance of trained instructor)

If you suffer from sciatica, you should avoid cross-legged and try to practice Vajrasana or Thunderbolt Pose. This pose is called Thunderbolt because it makes the body as strong as a thunderbolt. In reality it is one of the easiest poses. You assume the Vajrasana by bending the knees and sat on the lower legs and feet with the heels spread, big toes touching each other and the buttocks resting between his heels. Back and head should be held erect, hands resting on the thighs and closed her eyes. First, you may be able to practice the Thunderbolt for only a few seconds and you should not force yourself and do not do more than you’re comfortable. But with practice, you should be able to sit in this pose for an indefinite period.


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