Yoga to Improve Circulation

3 Nov

Blood circulation is essential for a healthy body. Every cell in the body needs to received oxygen and nutrients. Blood rich in oxygen is sent to the body organs, tissues and cells to nourish them, and the waste products that result are disposed of through the same system. Not only is blood responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to each of the trillions of cells in the body, it is also responsible for carrying toxins and waste out of the body. Clearly, then, inadequate circulation causes many health problems. Proper blood flow is absolutely essential to living a healthy life, and must therefore not be neglected.

It is now evident that exercise increases blood circulation. There are some specific yoga postures which also may improve circulation. Yoga has many poses and postures that require deep breathing, meditation, relaxing the muscles, and concentrating. The flow of blood can also be regulated using some Yoga techniques. It is said that yoga has an effect on the heart and blood circulation, it helps to keep the blood pressure normal. Let us consider some of the yoga technique that improves circulation.

Legs Up The Wall Pose:

This simple yoga pose not only improves circulation but also relieves tired or cramped legs and feet. It’s very effective in relieving mild backache. It alleviates menstrual cramps and Improves digestion.


The word kapalbhati is made up of two words, kapal meaning skull ( here skull includes all the organs under the skull too ) and bhati means shining, illuminating. Practicing kapalbhati improves blood circulation.

Urdhva Dhanurasana:

Improves spinal flexibility, Stretches the shoulders and chest, Strengthens the arms and above all improves blood circulation.


Here are some other yoga poses which help improve circulation-


Warrior Pose – Virabhadrasana I

Corpse pose – Shavasana

Low Lunge Pose

Chair Pose




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