An Introduction to Yoga Walking

23 Oct

In this busy world we can not get time to spend only for our selves, even we hardly manage a little time for our family and friends. But if we start practicing Yoga Walking then our life can be overwhelming and challenging. We will be able to enjoy the company of new friends, fresh outdoors and nature around us with Nature Yoga Walking.

Yoga Walking can change the rhythms of our body on a cellular level working together with the heart rhythm, visual focus, muscle balance, brain activity patterns, and moods. Yoga walking is your daily pilgrimage into the light. If we really pilgrimage, the pilgrimage will turn us into a goddess of happiness. It is the ancient method which has the capacity of producing an overall wellness in our body. There are five types of Yoga Walking:

1.  Hatha yoga is used to stretch and strengthen the body.

2. Mantras (chants) are to center and calm the spirit.

3. Chakra visualization is to strengthen our body’s seven centers of power.

4. An approach to exercise that will ensure lifelong regular practice.

While practicing Walking Yoga, one can focus on some issues:

    1. One can practice Walking yoga everyday 30 minuets and if interested then it can be increased up to 1 hour in weekends. When the walk starts, move quickly (power walking), and by the end of the walk, graduate to moving slowly (slow walking). Be sure to undertake all the 10 key elements each time, as outlined in the following steps, to get the most benefit from yoga walking.
    2. While walking the participant can think about the reasons which made him/her sad and can come out from the problem.
    3. If the person has any anger, he/she can find out the reason and try to make the mind calm and peaceful.
    4. One can remove any tension in shoulders and your neck by rotating the shoulders while walking.
    5. The participant can rotate the spine on the right side and then left side to remove any pain or tensions in these parts of the body.
    6. One can concentrate on the ground and feel the connection with the earth.
    7. For five minutes while walking, the participant can move all the stress out of the mind, until the mind becomes calm. After taking some rest let all thoughts come and go as they please.
    8. While walking, the participant can imagine a beautiful sun in the sky and clothe herself/himself with a golden ray of sunshine. Fill the body and mind with light and can consider it is healing color and allow it to trickle through the body from head to foot.
    9. After yoga walking session, the participant will realize that he/she has done something wonderful and caring for the physical health and for the mental well-being.

Daily Yoga Walking can make us relaxed, refreshed, energetic and we can feel a positive flow inside us which lead us to lead a happy, healthy, balanced and harmonious life.

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