Yoga for Athletes

10 Oct

Yoga is an ancient discipline developed in ancient India. Today yoga is known for its preventive and curative effects through the union of mind, body and breath. It’s also helpful to achieve a suitable level of consciousness and achieve sustain attention. Yoga postures help to relax the mind and body using stretching techniques (stretching) designed to provide:

– Tone muscles
– Improve circulation
– Leaning vital energy
– Gain or lose weight
– Improve concentration

But they can also help overcome situations:

– Stress,
– Fears,
– Allergies,
– Headache,
– Blood pressure imbalances,
– Insomnia and depression.

But how athletes can benefit by practicing Yoga?

There are five fundamental reasons:

01. Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion
Regular practice of yoga makes the spine and muscles more flexible, something that is essential for all athletes.

02. Improves Concentration
Yoga improves concentration and mental clarity, which is achieved through the integration of mind and body.

03. Corrects imbalances in the body caused by training
Training is always repetitive, systematic and unidimensional, which can create imbalances as some muscles are strengthened and others ignored. Regular practice of yoga can repararar these imbalances.

04. Relieves chronic pain caused by regular training
Reducing pain is achieved more agility and mobility, which allows the athlete to act more efficiently.

05. It allows you to stay in the game
Regular practice of yoga allows you to do what you love for the rest of his life without risks or complications.

Today, it is not surprising to find high-performance athletes who use yoga poses as part of their training, as they have found that the benefits from this practice enhance and complement your workout routine.These techniques are essential in eliminating mainly muscle stiffness, which improves coordination and helps prevent injuries including tears, dislocations, nerve inflammation,and  fragility of the joints.

Through relaxation, a person can regulate and balance the fatigues of body and mind, saving the energy produced by the body in yoga, there are three channels to achieve perfect relaxation: the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

On the other hand,through practicing Yogic breathing exercises one can improve health and consequently the way of life and performance. Awareness of the breath leads to a state of mind that purifies all channels breathing and relieves stress. In the case of athlete, we recommend starting with one-hour sessions every three days and a half, after hard training in the morning and hours before eating the lunch.To get real benefits, the athlete should not address the practice of yoga as a chore but with a positive attitude, as a supplement, only in this way can get the desired benefits.


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