Tips to harmonize your mind and body for a more fulfilling personal life.

9 Oct

Tantra Yoga, originated in India more than 5000 years ago, is a discipline that developed various healing techniques to balance the mind, body and sexual potential.

Tantra is composed of a series of postures (asanas), dance, meditation and massage. Its main benefits are increased energy, expansion of consciousness, increased creativity, annulment of stress and moodiness, and assessment of the body.

Tantric Yoga starts as a practice and becomes a way of life in which sex is art, medicine for body and soul, and a door to immortality.

According to the experts, to practice an hour a day, sex will become a magical and alchemical act, which is fed by the two poles, generating the necessary fuel for the kundalini-creative energy that rises upward in the column- instead of down and lost through semen, the fruit of sadhana or practice energy.

The first step in tantric sex is not having sex … Yes, as you read, the most loyal followers of this practice recommend making love once a month to “accumulate sexual energy.” If you think long time, we recommend you to miss a few days, to   increase desire. In couples who lost interest, this “withdrawal” achieved incredible results.

People understand tantric love as a shared energy for pleasure, beauty, art, awareness and meditation, it’s the way to live happy and fulfilled life.”

Some advices from Tantric Yogis:

The man can learn to have intense orgasms without ejaculating.
The woman can be able to have multiple orgasms.
Using dance as a means of increasing sexual energy.
Keep your body flexible and energy through yoga.
Changing sexual positions every 3 or 4 minutes to every 10 to beginners and advanced.
Encourage erotic points constantly, as light dynamos.
Breathe deeply and at times the pace of the couple


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