Yoga for Men

3 Oct

Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not just for women, in fact, the practice of yoga is excellent for men as it helps to enhance virility and sexual energy.

Kundalini Yoga provides multiple exercises which help to tone all the muscles and organs involved in sexual activity, stimulating and increasing libido. If you are experiencing symptoms of sexual dysfunction, or just want to improve your health and performance, you should incorporate yoga into your life.

In general, yoga is practiced to keep your body, mind and spirit strengthened, flexible and in harmony; additionally achieve a feeling of total rejuvenation and spiritual transformation.

The male energy naturally manifests as a vibration. This vibration, according to Kundalini Yoga, originates at the base of the spine, in the pelvic floor. Kundalini can be understood as “the energy that rises like a snake” from the base of the spine, through the spine to the crown.

Kundalini Yoga exercises help to raise the level of vibration through the body. But that is only part, if we go deeper, Kundalini Yoga helps to “unlock” the different energy channels that exist in the body. Unlocking is “free” energy holistically (physical strength, mental balance, spiritual harmony) in the person creating a new experience to see, understand and enjoy life. Health and sexual health are composed of these three planes.

If you practice Kundalini Yoga:

– Increase your overall energy

– Improve your flexibility, physical, mental and spiritual, improving sexual experience (a rigid body is the product of a rigid mind. A rigid mind does not enjoy, on the contrary, causes suffering)

– Improvement optimum physical pelvis, lower back, legs, abdomen, buttocks, the muscles involved in the sexual experience.

– Elimination of erectile dysfunction and gradual so natiral, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction.


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