Yoga for weight gain

1 Oct

Yoga poses, such as the poses of power yoga, a well known and established yoga tradition, will help you to lose weight. However, there are also some yoga poses that can be used to gain weight too. Poses of this weight gain yoga are the best treatments for weight gain, as these exercises also provide the person with more force. Like any other form of exercise, yoga helps us feel more hungry, therefore, an increased appetite and this leads to weight gain. Shavasana (Dead Body Pose) is an exercise that helps to gain weight as it involves lying down on the floor and breathe deeply. Sirshasana or Headstand Pose and Matsyasana or fish are two positions that also help.

Benefits of Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana  is a yoga posture that has many benefits. These benefits include spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical. This cobra pose resembles cobra posture with the hood up. Some benefits are: –

• Clean the tubes of the lungs and heart.

• Tones the spine and abdominal muscles as well.

• Relieves stress and fatigue

• Stretch the muscles of the shoulders and chest.

• Irregular menstrual cycles can be controlled with this position.






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