Yoga in Office

28 Sep

Many people take the advantage of lunch time for the gym. It is a good technique to save time and off in the middle of the workday. Another option, increasingly popular, is to do yoga. This relaxation technique being adapted in recent years by those who have a tight schedule of work. Yoga, when specially designed for working hours, allows us practice some of the Yoga Poses even in formal costume.

Sometimes the companies themselves are concerned with implementing this form within their daily schedule. Yoga affects the mood of the workers and removes any tensions between them. And this exercise of corporate yoga leads to healthier working environment, and therefore less cost for employers in terms of sick leave and disadvantages derived. In this case, the practice of yoga is usually carried out in groups. Breathing exercises with co-workers is, at least, an unusual picture but it helps lower the pressure, argues the creator of this technique, Joost van Dijk.

The Netherlands has adopted the teachings of Yoga Kundakuni, a special form of Yoga more centered on meditation and breathing postures. That’s why it’s a good option to practice in the professional environment. Besides not requiring special skills or excessive physical effort, the time required for the Business Yoga Poses is also lower than usual. The benefits are similar to those of the “Traditional Versions”: improved sleep habits, lower blood pressure, lose weight and even decreased digestive problems. But busy executives, who don’t have enough time for practicing long meditation, can try holosync, an advanced meditation technique.

Another of the benefit of Business Yoga, which is already practiced in Spain , is it allows us to break the routine in an environment that is not always the one we want, because we do not usually choose where and with whom we spent that part of our lives. Some offices in India have already started using Chakra Sounds to create a better work environment. So why not try Yoga in your office?

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