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Different Types of Yoga

30 Sep


Today we will explore all the different types of yoga that have developed in the history and the objectives and benefits of each type of Yoga. Schools of yoga or types of Yoga are set in terms of the objectives to be achieved and some general terms are: relaxation, breathing, yoga postures (asanas), concentration, inner detachment and devotion to God.  Neither type of yoga is tied to a specific religion, so that both the believer and the atheist can practice his/her methods without principles imposed against their religious convictions.  Continue reading

Yoga in Office

28 Sep

Many people take the advantage of lunch time for the gym. It is a good technique to save time and off in the middle of the workday. Another option, increasingly popular, is to do yoga. This relaxation technique being adapted in recent years by those who have a tight schedule of work. Yoga, when specially designed for working hours, allows us practice some of the Yoga Poses even in formal costume.

Sometimes the companies themselves are concerned with implementing this form within their daily schedule. Yoga affects the mood of the workers and removes any tensions between them. And this exercise of corporate yoga leads to healthier working environment, and therefore less cost for employers in terms of sick leave and disadvantages derived. In this case, the practice of yoga is usually carried out in groups. Breathing exercises with co-workers is, at least, an unusual picture but it helps lower the pressure, argues the creator of this technique, Joost van Dijk. Continue reading

Increased Flexibility for Healthy Living

20 Sep

Remember that your fitness requirements change as you age, especially regarding flexibility. When you reach middle age, you have to devote much more time to stretching prior to and following your workout. This assists keep your muscles pliable and prevents cramping following workouts as well as helping reduce the danger of injury. Continue reading

Why We Should Practice Yoga

14 Sep

yogaYoga has become a hugely popular form of exercise during the past one or two years. Many of us opt to do yoga as it helps them feel better physically. Doing the varied asanas, or poses, helps make their bodies feel healthy. Yoga is also a wonderful way to relax and reduce stress. If you are trying to find a technique to get your body healthy and boost your psychological well-being, yoga may very well be the exercise you’re looking for. Continue reading

How to Cope with Your Daily Stress

5 Sep

yogaYou will recognize that most individuals will end up coping with stress at one point in their lives. Plus there is never just one cause of stress, there are various things that will effect different men and women. You will find that many folks will become stressed as a result of money issues, others may come to be stressed as a result of jobs they have. Naturally there are many other things that generate stress, and you will find that there are folks that end up being stressed out daily. In this post we will be talking about a few methods to cope with the stress in your life. Continue reading

How to Balance Your Mind and Body

1 Sep

yogaYoga aims to create balance between the mind, body, and soul, and in result it can cure any physical, mental, and spiritual disorders caused by the imbalance. In common language, yoga means union; it’s a union of the individual consciousness with the super-consciousness. It reminds the individual about the union that is already there but has been neglected. Yoga enables you to experience and know what is already there. Continue reading