Power Stretching for Total Fitness

1 Aug

Most people think that power stretching involves doing yoga on some beach in Tahiti. In these sessions you can here words like “core,” “inner peace,” and “spiritual essence” tossed around with no regard for they really mean. The reason why? Because instructors of those courses want you to feel like you are improving yourself through a few stretch and reach exercises while sitting in some dimly lit room inhaling incense and listening to new age music. Well, such exercises have never done a damn thing for anybody.

Medical experts, yes the ones with degrees who are not hired at $9.25 an hour to teach a class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, will tell you that the reason yoga fails is because there is no emphasis on the fitting destruction of tension that your body builds up through its daily process. This is where power stretching comes in.

Power stretching may seem like the latest addition to a long line of health fads that have been covered in the media over the past decade, but power stretching is distinctive, also it’s here to stay. The key to effective power stretching is grunting really loud. You may likely hear some yell when they are power stretching as this outcry is helping to release all the aspiration that has been stored up in the body.

To be specific, power stretching is where you stand up from your chair and arch your back in a controversial manner and then toil your arms out as if you are trying to get them to grow a few inches.It is at this point that the grunting, or moaning, should start. The grunting mixed with the awkward strife keeps the tension in the body off balance causing it to dissipate in a matter that’s reserved for someone with more technical jargon than I to explain.

Another added bonus to power gain is that it can be done anywhere. Whether you are at home, the grocery store or the back seat of a station wagon, a good power stretch will never give anybody any harm, unless they are taking vitamin A supplements of course.

Consult a medical clever today to learn more on how you can comfort your alertness through power stretching.





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