Yoga for Ultimate Fitness

28 Jul

Yoga has gained a huge following from those in the Western world. This form of meditation were actually practiced by early Indus Valley civilizations so they could reach a higher plane of consciousness. Yogis were able to attain enlightenment by disciplining all aspects of their personality- body, mind and spirit.

Yogis developed mental and physical strength through postures, breathing, and stretching techniques. Their physical bodies became more flexible and also became stronger as a result even as their minds were able to master the art of focus. Regular yoga practice enhanced concentration and developed a positive frame of mind that exudes calmness, contentment, and peace.

Yet despite its metaphysical presentation, yoga is more than a religious experience. The millions of yoga practitioners around the world are realizing that emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits go hand-in-hand with improvements to physical health and wellness.

Yoga is a versatile form of exercise that suits people with varying wants and needs as far as wellness is concerned. It can be your regular exercise routine if you’re looking for a low-impact workout for core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and yes, even weight loss. Yoga is not all slow poses all the time. Power yoga, for one, is a fast-paced technique that works for those seeking an intense aerobic workout. Bikram yoga is another type of yoga that promotes weight loss since it is done in a heated room. Iyengar yoga which is a less vigorous form build upper body strength and develop the muscles of the abdomen, hamstrings and quads with such poses as the Upward Dog, Downward Dog, and the Plank Pose.

Regular yoga practice strengthens the immune system and protects the body from disease. The poses are also geared towards releasing the toxins that make individuals sick. As cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, respiratory and excretory functions improve, all body parts work together harmoniously to promote better health.

Yoga can help you improve your mental focus and physical coordination. As an exercise that works on promoting balance for all muscle groups, yoga helps promote eye-hand coordination, increases reaction time, and improves dexterity skills. These benefits also come with better concentration, sharper memory, longer attention span and increased learning efficiency. Overall balance and posture are certainly corrected when an individual practices yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga promotes emotional health. Individuals who are suffering from depression are routinely recommended by their psychologists or psychiatrists to attend yoga classes. This has yielded positive benefits as patients report increased feelings of worthiness and wellbeing after each class. The mechanism may not be entirely clear but it is thought that yoga poses can and do balance hormones that improves emotional health. Another theory is that yoga clears depression by releasing negative feelings that the depressed is experiencing. These emotions are not anymore bottled deep inside and repressed but are released, freeing the individual from depression.

All aspects of one’s personality are benefited with yoga. Those seeking to enhance their physical wellbeing as well as their emotional, spiritual, and mental health at the same time will do well to attend yoga classes.


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